Prestashop Order Edit module

Prestashop Order Edit module is the tool launched to replace the Prestashop default feature which still has short comings. You save your times with bulk operations by one click. Duplicating, editing, adding and deleting order are extremely easy and simple.

Prestashop Order Edit module

Process orders in bulk

Have you ever wasted a lot of time to process a huge number of orders at the same time. If you have 100 orders, you have to open them 100 times, and print them. These operations repeat monotonically like that? Or you want to change the status of 90 or 100 orders, you have to open them, change their status and save them one by one if you use the default feature. How do you think if all the repeated tasks are done by one click? It is the reason why you should continue reading or finding more information about Prestashop Order Edit module.

Edit orders easily

After placing an order, your customers could send an email or take a call to ask you to edit the products, payments, and delivery, etc. This time you will feel that how beneficial Prestashop Order Edit module really is. Here is the list of things that the module supports to edit:

  • Product: You can add, delete fields such as name, quantity, price, and custom properties
  • Delivery: Edit suppliers who provide shipping services. You also can edit the delivery information, tax, cost and weight
  • Payment: You can edit the time of payment, the amount of payment, and the method of payment, etc.
  • Add, and edit voucher code
  • Edit reference code
  • Edit the payment address, delivery address without reloading the web page.

Duplicate an order

By this way, you can quickly create an order depending on an existing order. This feature may be helpful in case that it is an old customer calling you to order. You just need to open the old order of this customer and select the new products he has just ordered. In general, you can edit everything:

  • Edit products: Add, edit, delete existing products
  • Edit customers: Add new or use registered customers’ account
  • Edit delivery: Edit the methods of delivery
  • Edit payment: Edit the payment method
  • Edit order status: edit the order status of new customers

We have just run through order edit. If you are interested in this module, please get access to to have a trial as well as test the module demo before purchasing. However, I think you should own this module if you are the people who respect time because its efficiency is much larger than its cost.



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