What is the difference between import and export

“ What is the difference between import and export ” is the question that many people are interested in. There are different answers in different fields which cause disputes between people. However, we can see the difference clearly when deeply studying this issue. Therefore, this article focuses on explaining to the readers so that you can understand well.

What is the difference between import and export

Firstly, we can understand that import is related to input while export is related to output. Experts in information technology have different perspectives with people work in financial and economic field.

From the perspective of information technology

Import is the process of information input. When we talk about software, the input information could be texts, media files such as music and film. Or you must have heard the phrase “import product”. This is the process you importing products information to database. Thousands of products can be imported in several minutes.

Export is the process of information output. In computer software, the export information could also be texts, and video files, etc. Similarly, exporting product is the process of outputting product information to excel, csv, xml, etc. It is to get these files to send to others who will use them to import information to their computer as the process above.

From the perspective of the economy

What is the difference between import and export ? It is not limited in the scope of a computer. Its meaning covers the scope of international.

Import is the process of local companies purchasing goods or services from other countries. The reasons import is that these kinds of products meet the demand of domestic users at reasonable prices. Or local enterprises do not have enough capacity to produce them due to out of date facilities or high manufacturing costs. Import turnover depends primarily on the exchange rate. If the domestic currency is stronger, you will buy more foreign currency. It means you will increase the import turnover.

Export is when local companies sell goods and services to others countries. It happens when the domestic manufacturing costs are lower. Or companies want to penetrate new markets and internationalize their products. Or maybe local consumers do not have demand for these kinds of products. The positive effect of export is that it reduces the issue of supply much more than demand within the country. As well as import, export is related to the exchange rate. If the domestic currency is weak, the exporter will get more when exchange foreign currency to domestic currency. Therefore they want to export more.

We have finished the article “ what is the difference between import and export ”. There may be many meanings in other fields but we stop here. Let us know if you have any comment. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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