How to add captcha via Form Builder app

You want to own a website including Form Builder app that supports to create form. The form’spurposes are to keep contact between customers and admin or to request for quotation. If you want to ensure that your email is not spammed, you should use captcha.

Captcha is a tool fighting against spam by appearing a calculation or a symbol. Calculation or symbol is changed every time a user gets access in order to make sure that it is human but not robot sending form. Nowadays, captcha of Google is most commonly used. Google provides API and key so that users only need to use shaped form and add the provided API before start using.

Form Builder app

After you install shopify, this feature is not available by default. If you want to create nice forms with variable fields which can be dragged and dropped in back office without worrying about code. Powerful Form Builder is a good solution. Moreover, if you use one form only, this app is absolutely free.

In this article, we use Powerful Form Builder to install and create form including captcha. Website layout uses shopify bazien theme.

you can visit this app here :

It is simple if you want many websites that have the same form. You only need to create a site and install the app. Then the thing you have to do is exporting CSV files which you use to import to the rest of sites.

Firstly, install Form Builder app. Click Visit Shopify App as below figure:

Powerful Form Builder

In cell search, you enter Power Form Builder content and select the first result as below:

Power Form Builder

Then click “Get”

Power Form Builder

Click “Install app” to confirm the installation:

Power Form Builder

The app provides us an available form by default. You can create this form or create new form. The figure below shows how to drag and drop fields into form.

As captcha used belongs to Google, we need to add site key and secret key.  We register and enter as below:

Power Form Builder

Here is the result.

If these above figures do not help you carry out, please view the video below. This video shows the process of installing app, registering key to Google, creating new pages and entering shortcode to create page form:

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