Abandoned Cart Reminder in pretashop

Abandoned Cart Reminder is the tool that helps remind e-commerce customers that: “ You forget a product here”. This helps increase the number of orders and remind your customers to buy their favorite products.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

How many times have you added products to cart but forget to carry out the payment?  How many times have you ordered but when you are going to the payment, the internet is lost, or your baby is crying, or you are chatting with your lover, all of which make you forget your cart.

If you own an e-commerce website, will you think that your customers are like you. They also click on Add to cart button and then forget about it. So, they may waste a lot of time to find out their favorite products are sold in which page. About you, maybe you have a new customer to serve but you do not know where they are. Don’t worry, this problem will not take place anymore when you apply Abandoned Cart Reminder.

When you use the module, your customers will come back and purchase your products because of the following reasons:

  • Your customers are reminded via email: With 5 professional and attractive email templates, you just need to add your store’s name and logo. You can send voucher code to their email. I believe that they will pretend to get discount next time. But the most important thing is that your revenues will go up, is it right? Everyone is satisfied.
  • Notification via popup: Popup is extremely visual. You do not need to wait for your customers to leave your website because you can set up that after a specific period of time, the web page will show up a popup to announce customers to carry out the payment.
  • Sticky bar: Similarly to popup, Sticky bar allow customers to know that they have a discount of the products they choose.
  • Browser Notification: I suggest that you should use this feature because it can notify in all browsers and devices.
  • Browser Tab Notification: if you use face browser to receive notifications, this feature of Abandoned Cart Reminder has the same function.

It is a very great module helping you increase your revenues and your customers not forget their favorite products. Please get access to https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/26740-abandoned-cart-reminder-5-in-1.html to have more detailed information, as well as try the demo before deciding to purchase one.

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